About Wisconsin Pie Company

Don Boychuk - Wisconsin Pie Company

Wisconsin Pie Company is a small baking company operating in a 900 square-foot kitchen located on the fork in the road where Forest Home and Edgewood Avenues meet in Big Bend, Wisconsin. The online pie shop — which offers pickup — features seasonal artisanal pies, including Donald Boychuk's specialty apple and cherry pies, along with a number of other delicious pie and dessert options including Badger Butter Cakes and Chocolate Caramel Cookies

Wisconsin Pie Company credits Wisconsin made European butter, as a key ingredient for the perfect crust. In addition to the Midwest’s best fruits and butter, as well as other locally-sourced ingredients for its gourmet products.

Wisconsin Pie Company features a labor of love and personal care put into every last pie made within the small bakery.


Before moving into the baking world, Don Boychuk's career had little to do with pies and baked goods. After growing up in Rockton, Illinois, Boychuk, a Canadian-American dual citizen, joined the Air Force in 1975, where he remained active as a telecommunications specialist until 1983. He would eventually move into a career in healthcare, where he remains to this day while also running his new business. Boychuk is now seven years into his career as a baker, as he began taking classes at the celebrated French Pastry School in Chicago in 2015. It was in 2017 when Boychuk began his pivot from the corporate consultant to boutique bakery boss, taking the first steps to create this new business venture. Boychuk grew up around baking. His grandmother Mary Boychuk was a prolific home cook, constantly baking fresh pies on a daily basis, and making pie available to Boychuk as much as three times a day during his visits.